Why be bald?

based on the owner's own personal experience
with male patteren baldness, Cavalier Hair Clinic was born.

Founded based on the owner's own personal experience with male patteren boldness. Steven C. Jones a well respected and award winning barber/hair stylist was born and raised in Alton and graduated in 1967 from Alton High School. From August of 1967 to 1968 he attended and graduated from Belleville Barber College. After graduating barber college he enrolled in Cosmetology training to advanced his skills in hair styling. His first place of employment was at the Mineral Springs Hotel Barber Shop in downtown Alton, IL. He continued his training in Chicago under David Hansen, who at the time was the Worlds Champion Men Hair Stylist located in the Playboy Club in Chicago.

On April 4th, 1969 Steven was drafted into the Army, during the Vietnam Era. He briefly worked at a hair replacement shop in Stuggart Germany, where he was stationed during his service. Returning to Alton after his military tour he worked at CharlaLa Ray’s Barber Shop in East Alton. During that time he began competing in Illinois State Hair Styling contests in Missouri and Illinois.

Jones opened his business called Cavalier Concept in 1972 and he provided only award winning hair styling until his own loss of hair opened his eyes to the need for quality and stylish hair replacements. In 1982 Cavalier Concept's name was changed to Cavalier Hair Clinic to reflex Steven's specialization in all aspects of hair care and in particularly hair restoration. As a Master stylist Jones is the highest-ranking stylist within Cavalier Hair Clinic and has a large customer base. He continues to receive positive comments from existing and new customers, and he logs regular continuing-education credits. His experience helps him use a variety of cutting and styling methods that stylists with less experience do not know.

Present Day

Today after more than 40 years he utilizes the very latest cutting-edge technology to help people solve their hair loss problems. From PRP hair loss treatment services to a standard hair transplant, our business provides a wide array of services for solving hair loss for men and women. Cavalier Hair Clinic continues to develop innovative solutions to hair loss and continues to enter and win hair replacement competitions!

Visit us and see what sets Cavalier Hair Clinic apart from the competition. Allow us to find the right solution for you with a free hair and scalp analysis. We truely understand your needs and are ready to discuss our many services and find the right solution for you.

Looking Ahead

Notoriety and years of experience has its benefits - Steven is highly sought for his lecturing skills and is accepting lecturing engagements to spread his knowledge and assisting people who are seeking solutions to their hair loss.




Certificate of Military Service during the Vietnam War awarded to
Steven C. Jones


Conveniently across the river from St. Louis and on the bluffs above Alton, in Godfrey, IL is Cavalier Hair Clinic; where you can find a
caring atmosphere of privacy, confidentiality, and comfort.