Why be bald?

Custom Hair Grafts [Non-Surgical]

We offer a method of non-surgical grafting hair onto your scalp. The grafts are directly interfused to your scalp without surgery and contain 100% human hair. There is nothing between your scalp and graft, and your scalp is completely visible. When you, or someone else, touch your scalp, all they feel is your scalp!

The hair grafts we use can accommodate any degrees of hair loss and any type of hair loss pattern. An entire hairline can be reconstructed, the mid-scalp and the crown can be filled in, and side hair recession can disappear. With grafts, as little or as much hair can be added to restore your natural appearance.

Our non-surgical hair grafts can’t grow hair. You will have to come in regularly to have your existing hair cut and have your grafts maintaind. What you do now to your hair, you’ll do after you receive your hair grafts: washing, combing, swimming and sweating. You will just have more hair.

Are hair grafts right for you? If you have enough hair loss that you can see, you’re probably a good candidate for non-surgical hair grafts. You are the one who has to live with hair loss and if you are not happy with going bald then hair grafts are a great solution.

find out if Custom Hair Grafts [Non-Surgical] are right for you!

Custom Hair Grafts [Non-Surgical]CHC

A Custom Hair Graft [Non-Surgical] was the answer for this client.


Looking and feeling great, thanks to hair grafts.


We are committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied by offering genuine products customed designed to fit your life style and to enhance your best features. Remember the hair cut and styling is what makes hair restoration look so natural.

Fast Delivery

We realize once you have decided to take controll of your hair loss, you want immediate results. Most hair loss solutions can begin enhancing your good looks in less than three weeks.

Payment Options

We appreciate that our hair loss solutions can be expensive and sometimes difficult to fit into your budget. Therefore we offer a variety of payment options. Ask about our payment options during your free hair and scalp analysis.